We'll terminate your pest problems. Affordably and effectively!

Like the Terminator would say, "Hasta la vista, baby!" Say goodbye to your pests for good, whether they be ants, bedbugs or even wasps as our professional technicians will be on the job, eradicating these tiny menaces and guaranteeing your satisfaction. We provide pest control solutions for:

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Rodent Baiting

Location Warranty
Roof Void 6 months
Internal 6 months
Roof Void & Internal 6 months

General Pest Control

Pest Warranty
Bees 1 month
Wasps 1 month
Bed Bugs 2nd treatment after 2 weeks
Fleas 3 months
German Cockroach 3 months
Moth/Pantry Pest 3 months
Odour Nil
Maggots, Flies & Carcass Nil

Spider Treatment for Residential Properties

Size Location
3 bedroom Full Treatment

Size Location
4 bedroom Full Treatment

Size Location
5 bedroom Full Treatment

$20 extra to treat each additional pest(ants/cockroach/silverfish)

Warranty period
6 months - Spiders 3 months - Ants, cockroaches, silverfish

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