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Ants may be tiny, but you can be sure there are many of them scurrying about. The problem starts primarily when they begin foraging for food and water or when they construct nests in buildings and gardens. Ants are not choosy eaters and will be attracted to a wide variety of products, particularly sweets, meats fats or oils. Once a food source, food items or water is found, ants will gather these resources with the help of hundreds to thousands of other worker ants and the problem begins when these ants appear in large numbers over a short period of time.

Depending on the species, ants will build nests in walls and foundations, or in potted plants indoors, enclosed areas, and even within cavities of toilets and sinks. In almost all cases, nests are limited to pre-existing cavities or spaces between objects or in rotten wood. Ants will seldom attack solid structures. In this respect, they will not cause structural damage to buildings but will take advantage of existing deterioration.