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Possums keeping you awake at night dancing around your roof void. Are there possum urine stains on your ceiling? If the possums are left in your roof void they will urinate and produce faeces all around your homes roof void. The possum will also potentially damage the insulation, electrical wiring and heating & cooling ducts. Once you have possums in your roof void there is a high probability that you will also find rats within that space.

Possum Removal

Our service technician will inspect your property for possum entry points into your property. We will then provide you with a free quote to repair the entry points, trap the possum and remove the possum from your roof void. All possum work comes with a 12 month warranty.

Note: It is illegal in Victoria to trap possums without a Commercial Wildlife License issued by The Department of Sustainability and Environment, make sure to ask your pest controller of proof of their Commercial Wildlife License. Any possum caught must be released within 50 meter. Possums cannot be relocated to another location as they are territorial and would not survive in a new location and is illegal to relocate any possum from its territory by law.

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